Why be a Christian?

From what I am witnessing there are many people younger than myself that have missed much needed information about Christianity what it is all about and why be one.

40 Days of Lent to a Better You

The number 40 is found many places in the Bible. During the flood that cleared the earth of bad people, it rained for 40 days.

God Wants Us To Come Be Close to Him

Do you believe God is everywhere? Most people know and believe this. We say “You can see Him in everything which makes up our beautiful planet”.

“A Holy Place”

Thousands of people that make the yearly pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayo around Good Friday every year would say Yes

God’s Plan for America

I believe God has a plan for the United States of America. As the federal government continues to get the Church out of Politics, the message Pope John Paul talked about during his first sermon to his Polish country men is more relevant.

A Religious Alt-Right Government

I have been reading in the Bible the section called “Acts of the Apostles” and how the Religious Right of their time persecuted them.

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